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Powerful, feature-rich solutions that analyze a utility’s operational data.
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SmartWorks Compass is a utility decision management solution that enables utilities to maximize their return on investment in their smart infrastructure.

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MeterSense is a scalable and configurable meter data management (MDM) module that efficiently manages and intelligently interprets critical smart meter data.

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SmartWorks Connect is an online web portal that transforms the way utilities share information with their residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Designed to Make the Complex Simple
The SmartWorks portfolio includes SmartWorks Compass, MeterSense and SmartWorks Connect.
SmartWorks’ data-focused solutions are simple to deploy, easy to operate and painless to upgrade.
These solutions streamline the vast variety of utility processes in a range of environments through configuration of standard solutions. The result is a cost-effective way to maximize the quantifiable return on the utility’s investment in smart infrastructure.
MeterSense Video
Meter Data Management System
MeterSense (MDM)
MeterSense takes the complexity out of managing AMI data, using that data in your business processes and analyzing it to streamline utility operations.
Utility Decision Management
SmartWorks Compass is a utility decision management solution that enables utilities to maximize their return on investment in their smart infrastructure.
The platform intelligently interprets the smart meter data collected in the meter data management (MDM) system including; interval readings, register readings, meter-related problems, outage information, data quality information, and more.
This data is heavily analyzed by the SmartWorks Compass framework to ensure accuracy, calculate statistics and isolate any potential issues.
Designed for automation, the SmartWorks Compass suite includes the scalable and configurable meter data management module, MeterSense along with a series of decision management modules that combine integration and workflow with deep analytics to automate utility processes.
It also works seamlessly with third party MDM system providers to transform meter data into personalized, relevant and timely insights that utilities need to increase revenues, improve customer satisfaction and optimize operational efficiency.

SmartWorks Compass

  • MeterSense
  • Outage Performance
  • Transformer Loading Analysis
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Rate and Revenue Analysis
  • Water Meter Health
  • Acoustic Leak Integration
  • Leak Detection
  • Automated Move In Move Out
  • Automated Disconnect Reconnect
  • Water Conservation Manager

SmartWorks Connect

  • HomeConnect
  • BizConnect

Download our MeterSense brief

MeterSense is a scalable and configurable meter data management (MDM) solution that efficiently manages and intelligently interprets critical smart meter data.

The MeterSense solution:

  • Provides powerful data validation in an easily configured solution.
  • Ensures quality and completeness of meter read data.
  • Delivers accurate and timely billing determinants with the ability to consider complex rate structures.

MeterSense takes the complexity out of managing your meter read data.



Download our Outage Performance brief.

The SmartWorks Outage Performance solution intelligently collects and processes outage and restoration events from the utility’s head end system.

The Outage Performance solution:

  • Contextually displays outage and restoration event information on a graphical map.
  • Calculates outage performance metrics and statistics at the customer and system level.
  • Embeds automation in the outage event handling process, streamlining the utility’s resolution process and enhancing customer service through proactive communications.


Download our Transformer Loading Analysis brief.

The SmartWorks Transformer Loading Analysis solution uses analytics to ensure that distribution transformers are operating within their optimal operating band.

The Transformer Loading Analysis solution:

  • Displays detailed analytical information about the utility’s distribution network using intuitive visualization.
  • Analyzes transformer load and its contributors to identify system reliability risks and provides the details necessary to effectively plan for the mitigation of risk.
  • Assists in prioritizing the repair or replacement of distribution assets.
  • Calculates optimal equipment sizing for the benefit of reducing physical loss, downtime and restoration costs.

The SmartWorks Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard provides a snapshot view of utility performance within a single, configurable screen.  

The KPI Dashboard solution:

  • Collects, analyzes and displays operational data from any accessible system, including the CIS, MDM, SCADA and OMS.
  • Calculates key metrics on the data, tracks how those metrics change over time, and monitors the results against key thresholds.
  • Provides powerful visualization tools, enabling utilities to view the detailed underlying data, explore the root cause of changes and view trends through a time lapse feature on a single, shareable screen.

Download our Rate and Revenue Analysis brief.

The SmartWorks Rate and Revenue Analysis solution permits the utility to quantify the financial impact of rate changes on customer cost and utility revenue. 

The Rate and Revenue Analysis solution:

  • Analyzes the effect of simple and complex rate changes in a highly configurable solution.
  • Measure both short and long term financial effects of real or proposed rate changes using actual and forecasted consumption data.
  • Allows the utility to make informed rate decisions that drive conservation and demand management while balancing revenue with customer satisfaction.

Download our Water Meter Health brief.

The SmartWorks Water Meter Health solution uses advanced analytics and algorithms to identify meter failure to assist the utility in reducing non-revenue water.

The Water Meter Health solution:

  • Analyzes the utility’s existing meter data to detect stopped or slowing meters and underlying meter degradation issues.
  • Provides the data required for the utility to plan targeted meter replacements or repairs.
  • Quantifies the financial benefit of performing meter replacement and repair and effectively presents this information to the utility using executive dashboards.
  • Helps maintain the integrity of utility infrastructure and operations.

Download our Permalog Integration brief.

The SmartWorks Acoustic Leak Integration solution enables water utilities to import, interpret and display FCS Permalog Leak Detection data to efficiently identify and respond to leak events. 

The Acoustic Leak Integration solution:

  • Allows the utility to visualize leak events, configure real time event notifications and automate associated utility actions.
  • Identifies leak event patterns and correlates patterns with operational parameters, such as line pressure.
  • Assists in efficiently identifying and reducing non-revenue water and the associated financial impact to the utility and customer alike.

The SmartWorks Leak Detection solution analyses consumption data to identify leak events and automate their handling. 

The Leak Detection solution:

  • Uses business intelligence to examine consumption data while considering logic that accounts for customer usage patterns and exceptions to identify legitimate meter leak events.
  • Offers automation capabilities that streamline the leak detection and customer notification process.
  • Assists in reducing costly water damage while contributing to the conservation of water resources.

Download our Automated Move In Move Out brief.

The SmartWorks Automated Move In/Move Out solution simplifies the process of gathering a first or final read for new or departing accounts.

The Move In/Move Out Automation solution:

  • Remotely gathers required customer billing determinants per open CIS Service Order for timely billing processes.
  • Automates routine tasks crossing multiple utility systems.
  • Reduces manual effort in everyday processes, allowing CSRs to focus on providing high quality and efficient customer service.

Download our Automated Disconnect Reconnect brief.

The SmartWorks Automated Disconnect Reconnect solution integrates across utility solutions to simplify the meter service status change process from start to finish.

The Automated Disconnect Reconnect solution:

  • Remotely executes a service disconnect or reconnect per open CIS Service Order according to a defined utility scheduled, with no manual intervention required.
  • Considers pertinent factors such as weather, safety or throttling requirements.
  • Integrates AMI capabilities within the utility’s business processes, helping the utility realize a return on investment in their smart metering capabilities.

Download our Water Conservation Manager brief.

The SmartWorks Water Conservation Manager evaluates the effectiveness of utility conservation programs.

The Water Conservation Manager solution:

  • Tracks all conservation related data in a single system of record.
  • Quantifies the effectiveness of each conservation program using dashboards, reports, and analysis tools.
  • Delivers customized alerts and scorecards to encourage customer participation in utility programs.
  • Empowers the utility to make informed decisions on how best to allocate their limited conservation budgets and resources.
  • Permits the utility and its customers to make the best decisions on the management of their water resources.

Download our HomeConnect brief.

The SmartWorks HomeConnect solution delivers the power of analytics to the utility’s residential customer.

The HomeConnect solution:

  • Presents usage profiles overlaid with weather or previous time periods, graphed and summarized in blocks, tiers or time of use and peak periods.
  • Encourages behavioral savings in response to user configured threshold consumption notifications.
  • Offers tools for the utility to share targeted education, conservation tips, program information and one-time notifications with its customers.
  • Provides direct access to the usage information and personalized tools that customers need to make informed resource decisions.

Download our BizConnect brief.

The SmartWorks BizConnect solution revolutionizes the relationship between utilities and their commercial and industrial (C&I) customers. 

The BizConnect solution:

  • Offers a configurable suite of reports for C&I users to gain visibility into their usage and cost, coupled with measurement and verification to quantify the results of their conservation measures.
  • Presents deduct and net metering views, as well as coincident peak analysis.
  • Encourages behavioral savings in response to user configured threshold consumption notifications.
  • Empowers the C&I customer base to understand the impact of participating in utility programs and dynamic rate structures, while working toward their own objectives of containing risk and minimizing impact on the environment.
Maximize Your ROI
Maximize Your ROI With SmartWorks Today
More than 300 utilities throughout North America and the Caribbean rely on SmartWorks to maximize their smart infrastructure return on investment.
With advanced analytics, powerful visualizations and holistic automation tools to make every part of your utility more efficient and a professional services team to help you, getting started with SmartWorks Compass has never been easier.