FSI and SmartWorks sign Alliance Teaming Agreement

FSI and SmartWorks sign Alliance Teaming Agreement to deliver next generation integrated Energy Management as part of the Concept Evolution Facilities Management Suite

Toronto, ON | FSI FM Solutions Ltd. is a globally recognized and renowned organization with 30 years of success in both developing and delivering Facility Management software, providing organizations with a holistic view of their facility and maintenance activities. FSI’s Concept Evolution IWMS / CAFM technology enables users to effectively plan preventative maintenance (PPMs), assign and track work orders, optimize energy efficiency, and more.

The system incorporates data from a variety of sensors and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, many of which have both a spatial component (e.g., location within the facility) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) data (e.g., part number and manufacturer).

Plotting IoT sensors, equipment, and devices alongside BIM data directly aids in the management and conservation of energy utilization, delivering intuitive graphic presentation of the facility’s information for easier visualization and faster decision making.

Visibility of machinery experiencing energy spikes or drops and automating immediate reactive maintenance is a hugely beneficial tool for Facilities Managers to keep their operations running smoothly, while reducing and better managing their energy consumption.

“FSI’s global innovation and leadership continues with our Alliance Partner Ecosystem. It’s all about delivering the complementary solutions our clients are asking for, embedded within our FM Solutions,”, says JB (Jon) Benjamin, Regional Vice President of FSI Canada and the Americas. “The rapid integration and deployment of energy management and energy savings potential to our stakeholders as well as global reach with a partner like SmartWorks is a win-win for all parties, especially for our clients” he adds.

What SmartWorks enables and delivers for our mutual clients:

SmartWorks, a leading provider of utility decision management software, advanced analytics and smart meter data management solutions enable you to collect and analyse energy usage information to reduce capital and operational costs by increasing the operational efficiency of your facility.

Energy management solutions from SmartWorks are uniquely designed to provide facilities managers with information, insights and real-time notifications to help monitor, manage and optimize their consumption of electricity, water, gas and other utilities. The strategic partnership between FSI and SmartWorks will increase the sophistication of systems to find the correlations and make the insights available to facilities managers for intervention.

“Partnering with FSI provides SmartWorks with an excellent opportunity to expand our integrations into a new market channel,” Eric Chabot, Executive Vice President at SmartWorks, explained. “We are excited about the opportunities it provides us as we enhance our product offering to cater for this demand.”

About FSI (FM Solutions) Limited

FSI is a market-leading Facilities Management software provider, headquartered in the United Kingdom, with offices across the Americas, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, Asia Pacific and the Middle East and expanding. With 30 years of success, FSI is routinely ranked among the top three industry leading computer-aided facility management (CAFM) systems and often ranked first for innovation and development as well as product functionality enabling the development of relationships with world-class organizations. FSI helps businesses to run smarter by providing tools needed to manage facilities and support the well-being of their staff and visitors. FSI’s simple and effective solutions work across a vast range of industries through ever-evolving demands. The FSI portfolio includes Concept Evolution CAFM / IWMS, Workplace apps, Mobile Workforce apps, Contractor Supply Chain Management, and Concept Rapide Field Service Management for small teams. For more information, follow FSI on Twitter and LinkedIn, or visit fsifm.com.

About SmartWorks

SmartWorks is a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation. For over a decade, SmartWorks has been providing best-in-class meter data management and analytics solutions to more than 300 utilities throughout North America and the Caribbean.  Currently, our technology development efforts largely focus on three specific areas:

  • SmartWorks Compass, a robust utility decision management solution that seamlessly converts volumes of data into powerful insights and automated actions.
  • MeterSense, a scalable, configurable and powerful meter data management (MDM) solution that quickly manages and intelligently interprets growing volumes of critical smart meter data.
  • SmartWorks Connect, a sophisticated web-based consumer engagement solution that delivers the power of utility analytics to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

N. Harris Computer Corporation is governed by Constellation Software Inc., a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (CSU).

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