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Harris expands its utilities portfolio with the acquisition of SilverBlaze
Ottawa, ON – Harris, a global vertical market software provider and acquirer, broadened its utilities portfolio by acquiring the business of SilverBlaze Solutions Inc.(SilverBlaze), a provider of award-winning customer service and engagement software solutions.
Harris began its operations in the municipal utility sector 45 years ago and continues to build upon its leadership position with the acquisition of SilverBlaze. Jim Simak, Senior Executive Vice President says, “We are pleased to be able to acquire SilverBlaze, which will complement our existing offerings and drive even greater value to our many clients. Our clients will be able to deliver the future of self-service, touchless and omnichannel experiences to millions of customers and citizens they serve, which has never been more critical and necessary.”
Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, SilverBlaze specializes in providing self-service portal and intelligent form software to electric, water, gas, telecom, and multi-service utility companies throughout Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. SilverBlaze’s founding partner and co-owner, Dan Mair comments, “This is a win-win-win for all stakeholders. Not only does Harris provide the company a permanent home for SilverBlaze, but it also offers a rewarding and growing environment for our employees. Our customers also benefit as their investment in SilverBlaze is secured and protected for decades to come.”
Harris’ long-term commitment to our employees and their career development was a vital factor for SilverBlaze when considering their next steps. Harris welcomes co-owners Neil Atkinson, David Harty, Dan Mair, and the SilverBlaze employees to the organization.

FSI FM Solutions

Facilities Management

FSI partners with SmartWorks to deliver next generation integrated Energy Management

December 9, 2020

FSI FM Solutions Ltd. is a globally recognized and renowned organization with 30 years of success in both developing and delivering Facility Management software, providing organizations with a holistic view of their facility and maintenance activities.

4: BTU
Randy Trimble, P.E., Executive Director, Energy Delivery at BTU
"With SmartWorks Compass, Bryan Texas Utilities is now able to complete up to 2,500 service orders in one day."
Truckee Meadows Water Authority
Utility Decision Management
Truckee Meadows Water Authority selects SmartWorks Compass to help them increase revenues and reduce costs.
April 22, 2020
Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA), is a not-for-profit, community-owned water utility based out of Reno with a highly-skilled workforce that ensures the treatment, delivery and availability of high-quality drinking water for more than 425,000 residents.
City of Saskatoon
Customer Engagement
The City of Saskatoon adds SmartWorks Connect to expand their SmartWorks Compass capabilities.
March 1, 2020
Since 2015, the City of Saskatoon has been using MeterSense MDM to collect approximately 60,000 electric and 70,000 water meter readings to provide accurate data usage information to nearly 300,000 residents.