SmartWorks Compass
A comprehensive reporting, analysis, and data visualization platform to unlock the full value of your advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).
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Utility Decision Management
SmartWorks Compass is a utility decision management solution that enables utilities to maximize their return on investment in their smart infrastructure.
The platform intelligently interprets the smart meter data collected in the meter data management (MDM) system including; interval readings, register readings, meter-related problems, outage information, data quality information, and more.
This data is heavily analyzed by the SmartWorks Compass framework to ensure accuracy, calculate statistics and isolate any potential issues.
Designed for automation, the SmartWorks Compass suite includes the scalable and configurable meter data management module, MeterSense along with a series of decision management modules that combine integration and workflow with deep analytics to automate utility processes.
It also works seamlessly with third party MDM system providers to transform meter data into personalized, relevant and timely insights that utilities need to increase revenues, improve customer satisfaction and optimize operational efficiency.
Beyond meter-to-cash

Analytics: Beyond Meter-to-Cash

Utilities considering an MDM system must look beyond a basic meter-to-cash functionality solution in order to unlock the full value of their AMI network.

The flexible SmartWorks Compass platform is designed to meet the immediate and future needs of the utility by empowering them to add additional functionality during the implementation process or activate analytic modules at a later date that is more convenient.

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There's a Module for That:

Extending SmartWorks Compass

One of the appealing features of SmartWorks Compass is that the functionality can be extended with modules. You are not limited to the core modules that come with SmartWorks Compass. The list of available module solutions are always growing. View our corporate catalog to explore best-in-class solutions to improve system reliability, streamline processes and reduce costs.

Maximize Your ROI
Maximize Your ROI With SmartWorks Today
With advanced analytics, powerful visualizations and holistic automation tools to make every part of your utility more efficient and a professional services team to help you, getting started with SmartWorks Compass has never been easier.